Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a brand new week and The Eric Trap Blog Tour is in full swing!

Last week was wonderful but we're ramping up the blog tour with 20 more stops. Wow!!!
Today we're going to hear from two folks I know and two I don't know yet. (But I'd like to get to know them!)

Our first stop is Little Rock, AR from my friend Brian Dollar. I had the honor of writing the forward on his book. (Which I highly recomend, by the way.) I really respect Brian a ton! Next we travel to Southern California to another Kidmin I've gotten to know and respect,  Anthony Prince. Anthony is on my young guns to watch list. Plus a couple of other lists. The next two stops are from Tobi Florence and Jeremy Echols who I'm looking forward to learning their perspectives of The Eric Trap

I also announced last week a special 2 day mini infuse retreat this August 30 & 31, 2012 here in Murfreesboro. I'm calling this event infuse lite. Get all the news here. If you have wanted to do infuse but it was not in your budget here's an option that will be a blessing to you. I've already accepted 12 Kidmin folks so go ahead and send in your app as soon as possible if. It will fill up too!

I plan on giving out some more books this week and I'm thinking about giving away an infuse lite registration fee as well. So checkout this blog daily to find out how to win big!

Thanks for being a part of The Eric Trap Big Blog Tour!

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