Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange 2012

I've been at Orange 2012 Wednesday not only did The Eric Trap go live for sale in the Orange Store as well as but I also spoke 3 times. Then a bunch of my past, present and future infusers plus some #kidmin friends went to dinner. I had a blast hanging with them and handing out books and "I am Eric Newman T-shirts to all who attended. Then Reggie rang the bell as the conference got kicked off officially. It was great to see a lot of old friends plus I got to meet several online friends live and in person. I also finally met Kendra Fleming from Northpoint Church. I have been a fan of Kendra's for a long time and we had never met. We always missed each other at events but today we met and I got a picture! (Thanks @kfleming!) 

Thursday I did 4 more breakouts for a new kind of breakout we called Conversations. I met some great folks and enjoyed the smaller classroom size.(Each room was limited to 30 people)
Then I got to go to dinner with one of my Timothy's who is now a multi-site campus Pastor and the rest of the team fro his church. It was great to hang out with them. Julie was telling my mom about it and said we went to dinner with a little boy from our children's church in Montgomery who is now a grown man. :)

 I love Orange! To me it's like coming home. Today is the last day and I'll be meeting with some folks this morning then doing a book signing for The Eric Trap @ 12:15 then it will be time to head home. 

This year's theme has been "game changer". To me partnering with the family is and has always been a game changer. The relationships and people you meet at Orange are a game changer in my life! I am thankful for what I learned but I am ready to go back to my church and be a game changer for the kids, teens and families of Murfreesboro, TN.

 I think this has been the smoothest and best Orange ever. Next year will be here before you know it and I plan to be here again laughing, learning and making new friends! Thanks Orange staff and team for all your hard work, you have served us well the last 3 days!

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