Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Eric Trap Book Tour...

Thanks to everyone who signed up to be a part of our new book's blog tour. More than 50 Kidmin, Stumin, and Fammin bloggers signed up to help. It will start Monday, April 9 and will run through April 27. You'll get to learn all about this new resource and also have a chance to win a free copy for your own library before it is officially released at Orange 12. Also I hope you'll learn about some great blogs where you can continuely learn our blogger team.

During the Orange Conference we'll also be having a book signing. I'll also be giving away some free copies in all of my workshop sessions at Orange. I'm getting excited about bloging about the 5 things we feel every leader has to get right next week. But until then here's two more things some folks had to say about it.

“I loved this book! I’m also excited to get copies for our CM & SM staff. I really enjoyed the mix of fiction and non-fiction. You can tell that this was written by someone who is really in ministry. Very realistic. Each chapter was very well written. I also appreciate the transparency of the authors.(You don’t see that often)  I think that the chapters written with personal mistakes exposed are going to minister to a lot of people. I also love that there is a clear “next step” at the end of each chapter. WOW!-This is clearly a book to “work through”- not just to read.”
-Jennifer Galley ||Next Generation-Family Pastor, Minniapolis, MN

I just sat down and read The Eric Trap. Can I just tell you: this book is amazing. I think it may be one of the most important books written for kidmin in years. It’s immensely relatable, and I could feel myself in Eric’s shoes. (Well, and a bit of Kenny and Sam in his shoes too. :)  It really addresses some of the big issues that we’re often too afraid to address, but matter more than any others. I think I may have learned more about ministry in the hour it took me to read the book than I have in 3 years of school… But don’t tell my profs that. :)
-Evan Doyle, Kidzmatter

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