Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why I Go to Conferences... Part 7...D6 Days

Sometimes I go to conferences but sometimes I let conferences come to me. Years ago when I would attend a conference I always bought the tapes so I could experience the learning over and over as well as share it with others at home. Now-a-days there are so many ways to learn you don't have to just listen you can also see it again and again. One of the events I'm excited about being a part of this September is the D6 Conference. The good news is you don't have to wait until September! On February 21st D6 will come to you by presenting the 1st of 3 D6 days.

They've invited Brian Hayes, Michelle Anthony, Kurt Bruner and few other and a few other family ministry enthusiasts to give live, fresh content just for this event. They also are streaming full length past D6 Conference sessions from Doug Fields, Darren Whitehead, Rob Rienow, Fred Stoeker, Richard Ross, Jay Strother, and others! On top of that, they’re also giving away over 15 MP3s from some of their most talked about previous conference labs. All free!

There are three different D6 Days in 2012: February 21, April 17, and July 24. D6 Days content will be available for up to two weeks after the listed dates. For more details check out this website.

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