Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Infuse... What's it all about? Part 2

Here's what others are saying about infuse...

When I applied for Infuse, I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience.  I hadn't yet been as familiar with Jim's ministry to train young leaders as I am now.  I have been inspired to become a greater leader for the Lord through the lessons and interactions Bro. Jim and challenged to be more professional in my job as a children's minister.  With Infuse, you'll get out of it what you put into it, but when you make the decision to plug in to Bro. Jim's insight and experience, you'll be blessed and charged up by the experience.

Infuse has been a huge blessing to my life and ministry.  If you want to learn how to be successful for God's glory in ministry, getting to spend quality time with a leader like Bro. Jim is a no-brainer.  He's been in churches across the south both large and small and his leadership coaching will make a big difference in the way you do ministry.  I would highly recommend the Infuse experience!

The Infuse program has been life changing for me.  The practical wisdom and insightful experience that Bro. Jim offers is inimitable.  My leadership level has risen dramatically because of his influence.  The way I conduct myself as a Children’s Minister and as a husband/father has been challenged, amplified, and enhanced.  The retreats are far more valuable than I could have imagined.  They offer personal, almost intimate, face-to-face interaction with other passionate children’s ministers that cannot be replicated in any other setting.  The intentional and free flowing exchange of information and ideas is invaluable.  I highly recommend Infuse to anyone desiring to learn and grow and attain their highest potential.

Infuse has helped me look into the mirror, and understand that I truly have what it takes to grow the leaders around me.

Infuse has been he perfect "next step" to grow me me as a leader. I have been challenged these past 6 months to take a look at how I prioritize my time and challenge myself as to what I can hand off to others. Bro Jim's Structure for Growth plan has provided me with the tools I needed to take our ministry structure to the next level. It truly has been a rewarding experience!!

  Jim Wideman's INFUSE is leading me to the next levels of leadership through:
1. An up-close view of Jim's leadership, excellent, always learning
and servant leadership. I want to be like Jim!

2. Precise, practical how-tos in Children's ministry were in my hands
a few weeks after beginning INFUSE. After years of trial and error I
was able to skip a few chapters of "learning from my mistakes" by
learning from years of Jim's broad experience.

3. Network - I plugged into a world of Children's Pastors I didn't
know existed. Overnight I transitioned from feeling "alone" to
"connected" to people in my shoes. Knowing 20 others in INFUSE who are
called to leading Children's Ministry helps me think bigger, try new
things more and problem solve with a phone call.

4. Seismic shifts as a result of INFUSE:
•I've become a problem solver. I'm not looking for help from my
pastor, I looking for ways to serve & solve problems for him.
•I serve my pastor and supervisor with the vision of making my pastors
vision happen. (it's way less about me)
•I set up organization, structure policy & procedures and it frees up
time for creativity, re-thinking & loving the people I lead.
•I see Jim spending his time as if the minutes belong to God, they do,
so he squeezes every ounce of juice out of every second. I've picked
up my pace and see my time more like God's time. Wow do things get
done around here like never before!
•I can see 1000 kids at our church and how to get us ready for them.
I'm ready and getting our church ready for THE NEXT
Thanks Bro Jim !

more to come... 


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  1. Filling out my application now! I just hope it gets approved in the budget!