Monday, February 06, 2012

Infuse... What's it all about? Part 4

Although infuse6 officially does not start until September of this year I start talking about the next infuse session in mid January of each year and start blogging in February hot and heavy. After 6 days in it looks like infuse6 is almost completely full. It's been the most over-whelming responce to an infuse session yet. Right now I have officially excepted 18 folks. Not everyone has paid their deposit so I could have more openings, but as of right now I have just 2 spots left. I am collecting applications until February 17 and will then choose the last 2 leaders for the 2012- 2013 session after that I will start excepting folks for infuse 7 for September 2013-February 2013. Wow, thank you for such an overwhelming response!

Because I keep hearing folks want to do infuse but can't afford it.  I decided to add an infuse-lite session to the infuse Alumni Retreat. Here's a mini infuse experience for just $325. You can find out all the details of how you can qualify by clicking here.  Infuse Alumni can also bring non infusers with them to this special 2 day event August 30 & 31, 2012 (Labor Day Weekend).
While you're trying to decide if infuse is for you. Here's a few more comments from some of my recent infusers...

Infuse has been the greatest learning experience of my life. This experience has not only grown me as a kids pastor, but has made me a better husband and father. Not only has bro Jim inspired me to be a better leader in my church, but he's given me practical steps of to accomplish that inspiration. Thank you bro Jim. 
Jeremy Miller
Family and Children's Pastor
Winchester Church of God

Infuse has given me the opportunity to grow in the leadership potential that I didn't know I possessed. I've learned that I was doing several things right, but needed the encouragement and accountability infuse has provided to move to a new level of leadership.  The retreats provide an opportunity to openly discuss and learn from others who may be experiencing the same challenges with out judgement.  Bro Jim's one on one, and group calls with advice, wisdom and encouragement, far exceeded my expectations.
Clover Hill Kids

All year long we're called to produce, produce, produce.  Infuse is the opportunity to be pruned and nourished by Brother Jim and the other members so you're ready for whatever challenges and opportunities that God puts in front of you.

Jonathan Mitchell | youth pastor
grace fellowship christian church

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