Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Excited About CPC12 in San Diego!

It's no secret I love California, it's one of my happy places! It's also no secret I love a good #kidmin conference. Put those two statements together and you'll understand why I'm excited about CPC12 in San Diego. Besides being about to connect with some of the greatest minds in Children's Ministry I just love getting to hang out with everyday folks who love working with kids and who want to grow and be more effective. I'm also excited about the KIDMIN GENIUS BAR powed by Infuse. This is an idea I bowered from the folks at the Apple Store. Michael Chandley and the INCM folks provide a space where Children's Ministry folks could sit and talk about ideas, dreams, problems in ministry, etc and get answered from folks with experience. If you will be attending #CPC12 stop by the KIDMIN GENIUS BAR. We'll be open to serve you during all Exibit hours. We're located inside the Jim Wideman Ministries booth space. Please come by and see us, we're here to help!

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