Monday, December 19, 2011

There's a new book in the works!

It's amazing to see how God directs our steps and brings special people into our lives for His purposes. When I started infuse back in 2007 I didn't see everything it would accomplish and really in tell. I knew it would bless others, I just had no idea how much it would bless me and that my life would be so enriched by the people God brought across my path. 

During the second year of my first group God spoke to my heart about producing a book with that first group. The outcome was KIDMIN LEADERSHIP.  When I started the second group one of their first questions is if we do the second year can we do a book too? It was after that I saw God was going to birth something special that I now call INFUSE PUBLICATIONS.

Two of the folks in this group were Sam Luce and Kenny Conley. The more I spent time with these guys the more I knew God had knitted us together for more than just infuse. These two began to not only help me learn as well but have also been a tremendous source of encouragement.  Our relationships have grown where I am confident we will do a lot of life together as well as learn from one another for the rest of my life. (There is not enough adjectives I could use to tell you how much I love these two!)  If you know anything about Sam and Kenny they didn't want to do a book like anyone had ever done before in the KIDMIN universe. So during a retreat while I went to preach to our Student Ministry they led the meeting in my absence. I came back to find out that the group and them had come up with a lot more than a show and tell style book but something they were describing to me as "a leadership fable." Over the next few months we came up with a concept that is very timeless and also unusual. Sam and Kenny started on the fable and everyone else started working on the 5 things every leader has to get right. The outcome is amazing!

The book is in the final stages and has actually started the production, final edit stage. Soon we'll have a cover to show you and an availability date for early 2012 but right now all we have to really share is our concept and our title. It's called "The Eric Trap -5 things every leader has to get right." This week I'll be telling you more about this project. I'm excited about it because I know it's going to help a lot of people. Not just KIDMIN folks but any leader in ministry who serves another leader.
more later...


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  2. Excited to see the final product! Reading your books "Stretch" and "Beat the Clock" right now, and I love Sam's blog!

  3. Brother Jim so appreciate you. This book was a blast and I hope the beginning of many more. I learn so much from the process. Thanks for your leadership and trusting us enough to write this book. I hope it helps lots of people. I know it helped me already.