Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten Ways Anyone Can Be Creative-Part 2

3. Hang out with creative people. Every chance I get to choose who I spend time with I choose creative folks. I always have questions ready to learn what I want to learn at that time. I am thankful for my friends do you know every friend I have I choose to be friends with. Most of them I sought them out. Roger Fields, Sam Luce, Kenny Conley, Ryan Franks are four folks I like to talk to just to see what they are up to and they are thinking. Michael Chanley is another good friend that I am so glad is in my life. Michael just up and called me one day and said he wanted to have lunch with me and was willing to drive to Murfreesboro and meet with me. It impressed me so much I not only took the appointment, bought his lunch but I have developed a very close relationship that has helped me be creative. This also makes me think of another habit. When you go to a conference don’t hang out with just your friends make new ones. I call this the conference within a conference. I seek out speakers, workshop presenters and attendees I want to learn from and buy them coffee or a meal. Never miss an opportunity to learn, ask a question, or run something you are thinking about by someone you admire! I just got back from spending a day with Reggie Joiner in Atlanta and boy did I need it!

4. Learn from people of multiple age groups. I hang out with a lot of people from different age demographics. When I think about the people who I like to learn from and who are speaking into the creativity of our next generation department I’m being influenced by folks from 18 to 50. Most of the people that I spend time with are younger than me so I deliberately get older folks opinion as well as listen to parents of different age groups. Every group and different back- ground brings an unique viewpoint.

more to come

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