Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Missing Piece-Part 4

So with these things in mind here’s my top ten list as a Children’s Pastor and a Dad on how to instill in your kids a Biblical World View.

1.  Always be open and honest with your children about every subject. One thing I see in the ministry of Jesus he was never too busy for questions. Encourage your kids to ask questions. Listen to what they are asking and give them why as well what what. If you freak out then they’ll stop asking. Help them understand that there is a difference between a question and doubt and unbelief. Never be too busy for questions a big part of that is spending time with your kids. The time you spend with them and the less you freak out the more questions they’ll ask at home and at church.
2.  Model to children what you want them to do when they grow up and place other models around them. Never forget when it’s come to Bible living that when you point at others there are three fingers pointing back at you. There can’t be one set of rules for you and another for them. Follow Paul’s words as he says “Come follow me as I follow Christ.” At the heart of D6 is the fact that the parent must set the example. “These precepts must be upon your hearts.”

3.  Teach principles not facts. The number one mistake in teaching the Bible to children is to fill them with facts instead of instilling in them the principles of each story and teaching. Facts go in our head, while principles go in our heart and help us to walk out the truths within. Kids need the principles of the word to apply it to their every day life. Do your children at home and at church know the principles within the stories or just the stories?

4.  Let children know wisdom is better than money or fame. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned is that the voice of wisdom and the voice of God is always the same thing. That’s why I need to know God’s word because it also contains His wisdom. The world tells kids life is about fame and fortune. I know more parents who are more concerned with their child’s ability to produce wealth then to instill the pursuit of wisdom and truth above all.  The Bible says that wisdom is better than riches or gold. If someone is wise that wisdom will bring blessing, honor and a good name. Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. God’s wisdom brings blessings. Have you instilled this in your child?

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