Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Ways Anyone Can Be Creative-Part 4

8. Have people you can brainstorm with. I love to brainstorm for creativity. I do not brainstorm to make decisions but let creative people give you their two cents worth. The decision is still yours but bounce it off a few people who will give you an “umbrella of mercy” I like to call individuals bounce an idea off them and then listen. How is this different from 4? In number 4 I want their ideas now I want their reaction. (And by reaction I do mean their honest opinion and thinking on the idea.) I’m thankful for the people who take my call and let me bounce and go. My friends know when I get more time (Like when I’m in my car) that I will call them back and find out what they are up to but not now. When I brainstorm no idea is too crazy. Be open to another way of doing things. Remember same action brings same results. Be on the lookout for different ways to do things and for new ideas. (At least new to you!)
9. Make time to think. I try to send time alone each week to think. I try to come up with 2 new thoughts per week. Schedule this alone time during a meal or in a quiet place. I love to sit and think on my screened porch.
10. Follow the peace of the Holy Spirit. Remember the Holy Sprit is your helper listen to him, follow peace. Never over ride a warning or check in your Spirit. He will guide you in all things even being creative.

What to add to my list? What do you do to be creative that anyone can do?

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