Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Missing Piece-Part 5

3.  Just because it’s on TV or in a movie doesn’t make it right or true. I’m not sure when the TV changed roles with parents but in many households it has. Because of the craziness of our schedules we never really watched anything when it came on. It turned out to be a tremendous blessing because we were able to fast foreword through some stuff and pause and talk about other stuff! When I was a child Lucy and Ricky couldn’t even sleep in the same bed. Today our kids are bombarded with messages contrary to the Bible. Whether it’s a TV program or the news you need to tell your children the truth. It’s seems like all the media wants to talk about is bad news. I know there are some things that need to be reported but I want to point out the promises of God that work in every type of economy. We still serve a God who is more than enough. He is our supply and our provider. Feel free to correct the wrong voices and remind kids what the Bible says. Here’s a wonderful project for both church and home take TV shows, movies, magazines and newspapers and have your children research a topic or a viewpoint then write down what the media says about that topic then let them research what the Bible says and let them see for themselves how they are different.

4.  The Bible is the infallible Word of God and has the answers for everything in life. What ever the answer you are looking for it’s in God’s word. How should I treat others? Who should I forgive? Who should I be friends with? How should I treat my parents, my family my employer? Who should we vote for? What should our nation’s views on Israel be? It’s all in the book! It’s not just for Sunday and Wednesday, it’s also for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is the guide book on living and the filter that every voice should be measured against. God’s word is not not outdated it’s relevant for today! One of the things you can do with your children at both home and church is gather the questions kids need to know and then give them the answers from God’s word.

5.  Jesus is the only way to the Father and lived a sinless life by following the Words of the scripture. Every time Jesus faced the devil or demonic opposition He spoke the Word. Our tongue has the power of life and death when we speak the word we speak words of life. As parents and pastors we need to help kids watch their words and be intentional about saying what the word says. This is also how we build our faith. Faith comes by hearing, when we say God’s word it pumps us up and builds our faith like reps with dumbbells and  barbells. Also the number one question we should all be asking and teaching kids to ask is “what would Jesus do?” Then do it!
    What confessions should you lead your children in to get God’s word in their
     One scripture I have taught my children as well as one I say often is “I am the   
     Lord’s sheep, he is my shepherd, I know His voice. The voice of a stranger I won’t    

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