Saturday, April 09, 2011

Leaders are examples- part 4

Third we should be examples of commitment and faithfulness. It takes time to establish relationships. Every time I commit more and practice being faithful to establish deeper relationships I grow as a leader. Helping others find their fit within your team will help them make and model commitment. Kids today as well as adults need an example of consistency. Always come when you are needed. (It’s sad you can stick out in ministry by being on time. My mom always taught me early is on time. Dependable people can be leaned on. The question here can you be leaned on for no matter what? Go to church. Ministry is like a checkbook you have to make deposits before you can write checks. Model faithfulness to take in as well as to give out! Desire to be an example for others.
Be an example to your workers what you want them to do, be an example to parents what you want them to do also. Model to the kids what you want them to be and give them the word on it! It’s up to each leader to make their “want to” the same as what is expected and what is right. 
Lastly be an example of excellence in ministry. Always be prepared, study to show yourself approved. Learn and grow constantly you have to model this to others if you want them to do the same.  It’s up to you leader to give others an example to follow.
       No matter what your title, you are not really a true leader if you’re not an example. Remember a leader must set the pace. A leader must be honest.
A leader must be loyal. A leader leaves no one behind without a helper.
Being the example you need to be qualifies you to: feed, care for the flock,  oversee and be willing and able to serve.  Your integrity fuels your ability to be the example you need to be to others to be the leader you desire to be!

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