Friday, April 22, 2011

Keeping Life Simple- 18 Steps to do when life gets crazy-Part 5

17.      When it’s over, crash! Get some rest. I try to always schedule a break between big pushes. Watch out for too many irons in the fire. Be realistic on the amount of projects you take on. I have learned to get others on board to help you limit what you do. I have a group I run outside projects b so I don’t take on more than I can handle.

18.      Do more by doing less. Focus on the main thing. Why were you put on the earth? If God has a wonderful plan for your life, (and He does!) then what is that plan? Focus on your main thing. Focus calls for a concentrated push or intentional actions. What are you doing presently that’s keeping you from your main thing? Just because it a good idea doesn’t make it a God idea.

            If you are serious about mastering the art of simplifying life you must master the habit of evaluating constantly. Listen to your spouse. Ask the timeless question…”Where’s the beef?” Examine and inspect fruit, gains, and losses. Evaluate efficiency and look for ways to build systems and streamline efforts. Every experience in you life teaches something a great question is what did I learn today from life?
Ask daily “What should I discontinue, change and/or add to my life? Last but not least, look for your next step. God leads us in steps not leaps or jumps. We calm the crazy and simplify life by walking life out in steps and climbing them one at a time.


  1. What would you suggest to someone who's job description doesn't allow for any period of crash time?

  2. get my book Beat the Clock and creat you some. You have to schedule it!

  3. Who would have forecasted that it would require so much discipline and planning to crash? Such a difficult thing to do in Pastoral ministry. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll check it out. :o)