Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping Life Simple- 18 Steps to do when life gets crazy-Part 4

12.      When you are tired and busy, don’t think, rely on a checklist. I’ve been saying this before I got gray hair, “Paper is for remembering not my brain. I don’t try to remember anything that I can know by having information with me.

13.      Don’t ever quit or make big decisions during the madness. Major decisions and crazy times don’t go together. This is a key rule to remember.

14.      Don’t make people decisions when time is limited. When it concerns someone else, take your time and consider things from every angle. Always treat others the way you would want them to treat you or your kids. Don’t let the shortness of the hour keep you from making a wise decision, slow things down and think it through when it affects people.

15.      Develop a plan to make next year better.  Learn from your experiences. As soon as an event is over I ask my team what did we learn? How can we make it better? What do we need to simplify?  Do this while it’s fresh on your mind, go ahead and start next year’s file.

16.      Get feedback from others. A good leader is a good listener. I consult others before hand, during, and afterward and get a cross section of opinions from different perspectives.

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  1. Great points, thank you so much. Looking forward to 17 and 18. :)