Friday, August 12, 2011

Moving Your Ministry From Good To Remarkable- Part 5

#10.  Evaluate your ministry on a regular basis. Good ministries evaluate sometimes, remarkable ministries evaluate constantly!
Here are the seven main areas I evaluate to move my ministry from good to remarkable:
1.  Fruit, results, decisions. What are we doing that’s working and producing lasting results. Is our main thing truly the main thing?
2.  Marketing, graphics, and publications. If your publications don’t look remarkable you won’t be remarkable.
3.  Teachers, teaching, and curriculum. We are only as strong as the weakest member of our team. For our outcome to be remarkable our product and our presentation must be also!
4.  Attendance, check-in, and follow-up. These came make you or break you. Evaluate this weekly!
5.  Facilities this includes both the décor and the cleanliness.
6.  Signage, maps, and customer service. You might not think these go together but they do. How people can navigate on their own throughout your building is as much customer service as the friendliness of your workers and staff.
7.  Last but not least remarkable ministries evaluate their leadership development, their communication, as well as the policies, procedures and   organization.

Don’t be happy with a good children’s ministry, desire remarkable and commit to what it takes to move from good to remarkable!

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