Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More about infuse....

Here are 8 more reasons why you should be a part of my infuse coaching & mentoring program...

"Imagine gathering in a room with leaders invested in kids, dedicated to leading well, and committed to God's mission.Imagine being in conversation with leaders with years of experience, passion, and hope for the future.
Imagine an experience where you can ask questions, explore ideas, collaborate solutions.
This kind of opportunity is tailor-fit for kidmin leaders who want sharpen their leadership skills! Join Jim Wideman and his team in this once in a lifetime experience."
- Jeni Carlson
Director of Children's Ministry, Five Oaks Church

"Infuse is a game-changing experience.  The teaching, relationships, and ideas that I've come back with have an effect on more than my ministry.  It has effected the way I view every aspect of my life.  After just a few hours of being on our Infuse Retreat this past year, Bro. Jim asked, "If you went home right now, would it have been worth it?"  Undoubtedly, yes!  Everyone does better with a coach.  A conference comes and goes in a matter of days and exposes you to think bigger.  But Infuse does more than that.  It gives you a coach and a team of people to help you think through how to apply and implement what you learn.  I think Infuse Lite will expose you to think differently and learn from Bro. Jim who has been blessed with years of experience but also has a passion to see you succeed in your calling."- Aaron Jack Bauer, Journey Church

"Attending Infuse has been an experience that stands above the rest in regards to my ministry training and growth. The things I have learned have helped me grow to a point where I now pastor over 1000 kids a week.  I highly recommend that anyone in ministry apply and take advantage of this amazing opportunity." -Joe McApine

"Infuse has helped me in every facet of my life. Brother Jim coached me to be a better believer, husband, dad, and pastor. Every children's or youth pastor should go through Infuse for at least one session. Don't let the money stop you,  seriously, figure out a way to make it work." -Jason Martin

"Infuse gives you the opportunity to ask questions you didn’t even know you had.  The interaction with a team of people experiencing life in the same arena, but each with a different level of experience, a different way of thinking, and a different method to the madness…it is like creativity blender with Brother Jim’s experience and leadership to bring direction, definition, and meaning to it all.  There is one goal throughout the entire process – to help you become better and more effective for the Kingdom of God and name of Jesus Christ!"
Timothy E Posch- World Outreach Church

"Infuse has changed my ministry!  Jim and his team has helped me develop the tools and abilities to take my ministry to the next level." -David Rinck, First Assembly Of God, Fargo

"If you have a desire to grow, learn, and develop your Leadership, Infuse is for you! If you want to go to the next level you must surround yourself with others that will challenge you! Infuse will definitely help you accomplish that goal! The insight and wisdom I gained from Brother Jim is simply priceless! I highly recommend making the investment, it will be a life-changing experience!" - Mindy Fenley, Church On The Rock, St Peters. MO

"If you haven't tried Infuse yet, don't wait any longer! This is a life-changing, ministry impacting, experience you won't want to miss. Bro. Jim's love for helping people comes out the minute you meet him. You will learn something from every minute you get to spend with him. Through Infuse you'll learn how to maximize your time to be more effective, how to be a better leader to your staff and volunteers, and you'll learn how to increase and grow your ministry. My time in Infuse has been invaluable and I know it will be for you too!"- Sara Richards, Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Webster defines infuse as: to instill a quality or skill in someone or something; to soak or pour into. This is what infuse has been about from day one, a way to pour into others what it’s taken me years to learn so they can be better leaders and accomplish more in less time.

Infuse is limited to 30 selected candidates. I’m excited at this place in my life and ministry to be able to make this service available. I hope you will pray about this and ask the Lord if infuse is right for you. Prayerfully consider this investment in yourself, in your dreams and in your ministry, I want to help you become the leader you want to be and pour into you the qualities and skills to make your dreams reality. 

Take a moment to review the online information about this unique opportunity. Everyone does better with a coach. So far I have successfully coached 9 groups with right at 200 leaders going through the infuse program. The results have been greater than I could have ever imagined but more importantlly lifelong friendships and divine connections have been forged. (Also 3 KIDMIN books and counting)

I’m looking forward to being your KIDMIN coach!

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