Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Sparrow Rocket

Two years ago today was both one of the best days of my life and one of the worst. The worst was as a parent experiencing another first. Sitting in a waiting room waiting on my daughter to give birth. It was one of those helpless times as a father where all you do is pray and believe God. As much as I wanted to know news about the baby I just wanted to know that my baby girl was OK! After Sparrow came I just wanted to hear her voice and hear from her she was all right. 
Once all that was behind me I got to experience another first a man child being born into my family. I thought you married boys I didn't know we could birth them. Thus the best part of the day!

From day one it has been a delight to be Sparrow's "G". I've enjoyed getting to tell him about Jesus and how He has blessed our family. I've enjoyed giving him things he could stick in his pockets and teaching him to say "Roll Tide". The boy loves his Daddy & Mama! He loves ball, he loves all things musical. He likes jamming with his G and sitting in the back of my pick up truck. But the neatest thing of all is watching him pray, watching him praise the Lord and lift his hands! Yesterday his "GG" asked him if he was Sparrow Rocket Richmond the little guy who loved Jesus and he hollered out "Yeah!" with a big smile.

These two years have gone by fast! I love every moment I get to spend with him and I think I'm better at making them intentional and count better than I did the first time. I'm so excited about what this next year holds for us but today I'm just thankful for his life, his love for his G and the opportunities God has given me to encourage him and his parents at this stage of my parenting journey. I love watching Yancy and Cory parent him. They both do such a great job! I didn't see that blessing coming.

So happy birthday little buddy. Your "G" is the most blessed guy in the world to have you in his life. I'm excited about watching God's plan for you unfold and you becoming the man you need to be in Jesus.I want to be a person you can always count on to pray for you, speak the word to you and guide you with Godly wisdom. I want you to see Jesus in me and always know that I love you with all my heart no matter what. I am so proud of you! Happy Birthday Spar Spar!

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