Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here's what 3 folks from the current Infuse group had to say...

I had heard all the good stuff about infuse, but until I really got into it and saw that if I applied what Bro. Jim was teaching us, it could truly be life changing inside and outside of ministry.  Infuse gives me the safe place to ask questions, be transparent, and seek advice from some of the greatest coaches and ministers in the country. I can truly say that as I am putting the knowledge to work, it is helping me become a better Christian, wife, momma, and children's minister.

Alison Baggett
Westwood Baptist Church
Alabaster, Alabama

Knowledge + experience + proven reputation = the infuse adventure!  Jim Wideman is the tour guide, but YOU determine much of the direction this mentorship takes.  The initial investment is small compared to what you WILL gain, on a personal level and as a church leader.  And it's just investment!  The question is, "Are you willing to grow to the capacity that God has created you for?"  Take it from someone who was despirately searching for a ministry coach and almost didn't apply for infuse.  I did and it has transformed me.  It can do the same for you.  Apply today!

Brent Dumler - GROW Ministries
Christ Community Church, Columbus, GA

Before beginning Infuse, I really struggled with self confidence in my ministry and personal life. I didn't feel like I was capable of accomplishing anything of what was needed to move my church forward. At the end of my first Infuse session, that all has changed. I now understand my priorities in life better, how to manage my time, to serve my pastor, how to set my life & ministry goals and accomplish those goals in order of the priorities I have set. I learned to learn from others and that asking questions is a good thing. Because of the support and leadership Bro Jim brings, I feel more equipped and ready to accomplish all that God as called me to be. For the first time in my ministry, I have confidence in myself and my leadership. Any kidmin that desires to grow in leadership in all aspects of their lives should find a way to be a part of this great experience. 

Todd Hull
Loxley Church of God
Loxley, AL

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