Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Spirit-Led Teacher- Part 3

7. During the lesson feel free to follow the Spirit’s guide. I love Video and other teaching aides but the most important resource you can have in the classroom is a Spirit-led teacher! They know how to follow the Spirit’s leading and end up accomplishing the desired outcome for the cooperate vision.
8. After class don’t be in a hurry to leave. Listen for=-09i8 the spirit to guide your after class time. In my experiences this has been when kids wait for others to leave and open up. Also be sensitive to follow up with parents and other out of class ministry you should do this coming week.
9. After I minister and head to attend a service I rely on the help of the Holy Spirit to lead me to people I need to recruiter to be on my team. 0I refuse to wait on people to show up I’m always asking the Holy Spirit to guide me to people who need to be needed! I’m on a mission from God to connect with those He leads me to. Jesus was out and about when he found the twelve disciples. The Holy Spirit is my number one recruiting tool.
10. Learn to allow the Spirit to help you Identify things that need correcting or improvement on a regular basis. Ask Him to teach you why it needs fixing as well as how. To me the Holy Spirit works in our lives like a spotlight he shines or illuminates things that need to be changed. This is true in the classroom as well as every other area of my life!
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  1. FANTASTIC teaching! Bro Jim, I love the way you always give us practical take-a-ways to specifically apply to our life. It's amazing and it shows us how much Jesus loves us by guiding us through the Holy Spirit in simple areas of our lives. I sometimes miss it when I look back after a flop and say, "I thought that was just me", but it was a simple leading by the Holy Spirit. I have learned to always keep a note pad with me to write down ideas the Lord gives me. They seem to come at the craziest times - shower, middle of the night, driving...When I don't write it down, I usually forget. Write your ideas from the Lord, do them and watch God knock your socks off. Thanks again Bro Jim!