Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spirit-Led Teacher- Part 2

3. Set an appointment to plan and study your lesson. Start from the beginning asking for the Spirit to guide your plans. Read the curriculum but listen to the Holy Spirit. I treat all curriculum (even stuff I write) like catfish I let the Holy Spirit pick out the meat and I leave the bones! Don’t wait to the last minute to study this is an important step! Never equate flowing with the Spirit to flying by the seat of your paints. I want to have enough time to obey what the Spirit says, some things my helper has led me to have to be ordered or purchased.
4.  Come early and be prepared. I like to set up my props; classroom and teaching tools ahead of time so I have time to pray before the kids start arriving. I like to pray over every chair. Kids are creatures of habit and many times sit in the same area so I call their names and let the Spirit guide me to stand in the gap for their needs and their families.
5.  As the children arrive let the Spirit direct how you spend your time. A command mistake I’ve seen is all the children’s workers talk among themselves rather than allow the Spirit to guide the pre-service time as well as the lesson.
6. Trust your guide. I used to illustrate this in Children’s Church by blindfolding a child and give them verbal instructions that they had to carry out without bumping in to things. It’s impossible to walk by faith not sight in our own strength. Then I would ask another child to come be a guide (just like the Holy Spirit is our guide) and guide the blindfolded child to safety. It’s much easier with a guide to follow the Word of the Lord. I have found practice make perfect not only in playing an instrument or developing a skill but also in trusting our guide!  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss, we serve the God of a second chance!
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