Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Father Of The Bride

It seems like just yesterday the doctor was looking at me and saying for the second time three little words that changed my world forever... "It's a girl!" In fact it wasn't yesterday, it was almost 27 years ago. 27 of the greatest years of my life. And in just two days I'll be walking her down the isle and saying 4 other little words every father of girls dread saying..."her mother and I." I was doing so good, at least I thought I was until today. Tulsa friends who are serving as bride's maids starting coming into town today and the realization of we're not planning a wedding anymore has hit and the truth is we're having a wedding in two days. Over the next few hours I'm sure I'll feel every emotion under the sun. I'm going to try to write some things down and make some sense out of this event and maybe when some of you younger dads wake up and find yourself two days away from your baby's wedding you'll remember some of the things I write here.

Whitney and I were both born in Birmingham. I always thought that made us so much alike. Both of our kids are a real mix of the two of us they are just a different mix. When Whitney was born she looked just like me. People  would always say she looks like her daddy except she's cute.  She was more than cute she was beautiful.  The thing about Whitney is that she is beautiful inside and out. Whitney is the kind of kid that can light up a room with her eyes and her smile. She's always been my bright spot. I love to kid and have fun so does Whitney.  Whitney always has had the ability to make those around her enjoy themselves. She still has that ability. It has been so fun for me to watch her grow up but I think it's been even more fun to see her so happy and excited about getting married.

It's amazing how God makes your kids so different. My girls have the same two parents and have eatten the same food they are both the greatest kids a dad could have but yet they are both gifted differently. I think that was the hardest lesson for me to learn. It's okay for your kids to be different in fact that's God design. As parents you have to learn to celebrate the differences. Everything about them has been different that includes the guys they married and also their weddings. It's sure been fun. I love going over to Yancy and Cory's house and I'm also looking forward to going over to Whitney and Dustin's. When Yancy got married I felt like I should have had more time. But with Whitney I realize it's time. Time for me and Julie to enjoy our big kids like we did our little ones. It's her turn to experience the joys of marriage in God!

more later...

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