Thursday, July 28, 2011

Father Of The Bride-Part 2

Well my baby girl has been married for a wopping 5 days. SInce then I have slept more than 58 hrs and have seen 3 commic book movies. I've eatten a couple of Double Double's at In-N-Out Burger. I've been to Newport Beach, Hunnington Beach, Lagunia Beach and Fullerton. (Home of Leo Fender) And I feel like all the adrenilene that comes with a big event like your last daughter's wedding has come and gone. All I have to say now is I'm proud of the woman of God she is!

Should we have parented her different? I guess we could have trained her to be a little more "Martha Stewart" like. Instead we have this amazing grown daughter who loves the Bible and loves Jesus. She loves to have fun and she has a heart for ministry and to serve her local church. She loves music and her daddy. She's a devoted friend and she adores her husband and I believe he adores her as well!

We are blessed!!! I'm thankful for the God choices she made and will continue to make as well as her commitment to and pursuit of purity!  Next week my blog will be back to normal and my blackout from Facebook and Twitter will be lifted. I'll have 2 grown married daughters that I am so proud of and now with my grandson and 2 Sons-in law the boy/girl count in the Wideman family is now 4 to 3 in favor of the boys! God is good to me and I am one thankful guy!
And yes I have officially run out of single daughters!

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