Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Re-post: Keeping Life Simple-part 4...

Here are my next 6 steps I use to keep life simple when things are crazy...

7.      Get creative with your family time. I try to take a family member with me every chance I get. I also try to combine my family time with something else. I go walking with Julie, cycling with Julie, Shopping with Yancy, Whitney and Julie, movies with my sons-in-laws and baby sit my Grandson anytime they will let me. I like to call them when I can just to say hi and to encourage and let them know I proud I am of them. 

8.      Schedule a break even if it’s only for a few hours when you are at you craziest. Even convicts get time off for good behavior. If I can’t go out of town or schedule a massage I make time to play my guitar or visit a music store or make a Starbucks run, or a bicycle store. These kinds of breaks are real therapy for me and all take me to a happy place.

9.      Be open to change in your lifestyle. Different results require different actions.
Don’t despise change. Change is not a four-letter word it’s a six-letter word and can be your friend. (Which is also a six-letter word.) When I have to change something that I know is not a permanent change I remind myself this is only for a short while and I can do this! As with anything else guard your thoughts and your tongue and line them both up with scripture.

10.      Do your homework and see what others do in hectic times. I love to study busy people. I check up on busy people by calling, emailing, read their books and blogs, network at conferences or on facebook. I look for new places to learn all the time.

11.      Stop and listen to Jesus.  I shouldn’t have to say this to Children’s ministers but make time for the Word! You are the only person who can make sure you stay refreshed spiritually, and that you feed your spirit. If you can’t go to church, listen to the CD. Sing and praise God in the car in the shower and in the craziness of life.

12.      When you are tired and busy, don’t think, rely on a checklist. I’ve been saying this before I got gray hair, “Paper is for remembering not my brain. I don’t try to remember anything that I can know by having information with me.

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