Friday, November 04, 2011

Training Your Kids To Fail Forward-Part 5

Keep Others Out
            Remember Flip Wilson, “The devil made me do it”? Well, the devil puts temptations in all of us, but it is our choice to put action to the temptation. When you make a mistake, don’t blame others for your mistake. Don’t make excuses. When you make a mistake, just take ownership of it. This teaches your children the proper way to handle a mistake. You set the example that when it is someone’s fault, it’s their fault. The end.
            Similarly, once you make a mistake, don’t talk about the mistake or the incident especially if it involves others. People who talk about it are trying to draw sympathy or loyalty. This happens frequently at work when people try to get coworkers to take sides. Similarly, in your home, watch your child’s attitude after the discipline has been given. Do not tolerate the poor-old-me syndrome and the mean-Mom-and-Dad attitude. Children will try to draw sympathy, but the Bible calls it sowing seeds of discord. Proverbs 6:16-19 clearly tells us that sowing seeds of discord is an abomination to God.
            Another point to remember after making a mistake is to not let the mistake affect how you relate to those around you. One thing I have learned over the years is when I make a mistake, I don’t need to run from people. You don’t need to let that mistake cause you to dodge or withdraw from others. Listen to me, no one likes a pouter. They don’t like one who is four, and they don’t like one who is forty-four. Don’t pout.
            Train your children to take their thumbs out of their mouths by not letting your mistakes affect how you relate to others. If you get fussed at, you face that person the next day. Don’t run away from them. In your family, you have to work hard to let your children know that just because they made a mistake that does not affect the relationship. You still love them and care for them with all of your heart.

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