Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cultivating a Heart that Cares About Others-Part 4

4. Maintain a Christ-like attitude no matter what! (WWJD) Look for the overall good in people. I’ve never understood why people choose to believe the worst about people. Be Positive! Prepare yourself before people start coming. Get your Game face on! Think about why you are here. Get focused. Pay Attention, Be alert to others. Be upbeat and excited.

5.  Think kind thoughts about others (The ministry is all about people)
Think about their good traits. Remember Jesus loves everyone you should too.

6.  Take responsibility for your mistakes. Get in the habit of making “I” statements. Never shift the blame and throw others especially leadership.
Take notes of what you said you would do and do it!

7. Be a good listener. The best way to show you genuinely care about others is to listen to them. Listen for not only what others are saying but also what others are feeling.

8. Look for ways to go beyond what’s expected. Remember Matthew 5:41 “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” Going the extra mile puts you ahead, it also sets you a part.

9. Use wisdom. Years ago someone taught me that the voice of wisdom and the voice of God are always the same. A true servant does not walk in their own wisdom but in Godly wisdom that comes from God’s Word!

10. Keep communication simple but thorough. Be clear (Don’t use code words or abbreviations. Stick to the point! (just the facts) Be honest, don’t over promise and never under perform

more to come...

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