Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Why Behind The Wow -Part 3

I see it all the time, churches say we welcome kids we just need to keep our facilities multipurpose. Kids aren’t the only ones who use them. That’s true but if kids have shorter intention spans and learn better in a creative, exciting environment why not design it with them in mind and let the older more mature folks have their meetings, classes, and small groups in a room designed for the only age group Jesus said to let come to Him and to do not hinder them. When ever you hear the term multipurpose remember this is just a code word for adult decor!

I’ve been hanging out in churches for a long time and I don’t understand where church learners bought into the idea that beige was God’s favorite color. He sure didn’t tell Solomon to make the temple beige. It was a brute place not a dull one. Gold, silver, red and purple those are not in the beige family.

When you welcome children you do things with them in mind. When a church prepares for kids they also show families kids are important. I have been blessed to work at some great churches who put their money where they mouth was and showed by what they did that children and reaching families was a priority. Along with the decor add interactive features that you can use to make learning lasting and effective as well as just neat to look at. Security is also a way to show that kids are important. It shows parents and the community that you honor children. If Jesus honored and valued children so should we.

I had the privilege of visiting Disney World with my grandson not very long ago. As I walked through this “experience for kids and families” I thought to myself investing in kids has sure paid off for Disney. It also sends their messages loud and clear. We in the church can learn a lot from them. I want to put the wow in worship as we help kids experience God firsthand. I believe it can payoff for us, Jesus deserves our best and so do our kids.

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  1. Bravo! Love, love, love this! Thank you for speaking the truth in love.