Thursday, August 22, 2013

Taking A Break!

I am a lover of gadgets, gizemos, technology and other trendy media things. Technology has made my life and ministry better and I'm thankful for it. Hey I even have my own smartphone app!  But as wonderful as all these things are I started last year taking a few weeks a year and turning it all off and just say no. I used the time I checked Facebook, twitter, emails and to blog to read and listen, dream, and pray. The results where amazing. I got clarity and direction that was a gamechanger for me. 

So starting today I'm officially on one of those media breaks. See you in a week or so please pray for me that I hear what I need to hear so I can do what I need to do!
If you've never tried one of these I highly encourage you to.
Blessings and thanks for reading my blog!

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