Sunday, July 14, 2013

There's An App For That!

Several years ago I came out with an app for the iPhone and iPad. Immediately I started hearing from Kidmin folks when are you going to have an app for Android phones? Well being a guy who went straight from a Commodore 64 to the world of Apple I had no plans to make one. My good friends at Roar have been telling me they could hook me up. They did a tremendous job on Yancy's 3 apps. If you have not downloaded her apps you should do so here. There is one for everything Yancy. There's another just for preschoolers. My grandson has this one on his iPad and iPod Touch and he loves it! There is another app for families called Roots for the Journey. (I've also included a link to this app in my new app.)

So speaking of new apps, a few months ago someone told me  they went to download my app from the app store and it could no longer be found. When I looked into it I found out that my developer didn't renew his license so after all I invested in it, I no longer had an app. So I called my friends at Roar and they went to work on a brand new app and yes they even made one for all you Android folks. 

So how do you download the all new Jim Wideman app? If you have the old one be sure and delete it, then download the new app for Apple  or the new app for Android by clicking on these links. Also this week I'd like for you to help me spread the word about this new app on your blogs, twitter or facebook. Be sure and check it out there's a lot of cool features and ways to connect with me and Jim Wideman Ministries. Use it to follow my twitter, my facebook, my instagram, my schedule, theClub, Infuse, and even CMConnect plus a whole lot more.

Once you download the app leave a comment here on the blog to have a chance to win some Kidmin goodies from Jim Wideman Ministries which will include your very own JW bobble head. I'll be giving away some stuff each day. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and then tweet this... "I just downloaded the new @jimwideman app and you can too @ #kidmin" 

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