Monday, January 07, 2013

Keeping Your Technology Tools From Becoming Toys- Part 2

Here are five more ways I keep my technology tools from becoming toys...

6. Know when it’s time to pick up the phone rather than type. Emails can be a huge time waster. That’s why I refuse to type when I need to talk also if someone asks me a question that I’ve already answered in a book I refer them to my book. I also do this with books others have written.

7. Whenever possible I allow people who know a certain program to show me how it works rather than me learn by trial and error. I am thankful for all the Young Guns God has placed in my life. Folks like Sam Luce, Spencer Click, Kenny Conley, Matt McKee and my son-in-law Cory from These guys have taught me tons about technology and I will always be grateful to them. Just the other day Matt got me up and running on Prezi and I’ve now made over a dozen presentations. I remember telling Spencer that I was wanting to create a task management application as I began to describe what I wanted it to do he told me there was already one out there and introduced me to Things. Sam has saved my bacon on more than one occasion on how to use certain apps and programs. Develop a support team around you to help you stay in the know on what’s out there. Sometimes it’s not what you know that counts it’s who you know! Network with others on what they use, how they use it and then ask them to show you how to use it also.

8. Master time management. If you have not read my book “Beat The Clock” you should. In it I give four steps to effective time management Planning, Preparation, Evaluation and Delegation. Most everyone I know does the first one that’s writing down in your calendar how you want to spend you time. The second step is a difference maker that’s when you break all the events and projects into steps and reminders. This is also where I use my best friend the appointment to set aside time to do what only I should be doing. This is also where I count on my other good friend Mr. Priority to keep these steps in the right order. Next is the missing link to time management evaluation where you identify how you are actually spending your time. You are the only one who can identify where priorities are out of line and where you have wasted time. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 28:2 When a country is rebellious it has many rulers but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order. Wow-that’s a game changer for me and has to become a way of life. The last step is delegation this is where you help others learn to manage their time and use some of it. At the end of the day all of us only have twenty-four hours. That’s why we want to do all we can to become better time managers and then bring folks along with us to get more done. I have found through the years that there are people in my life and ministry who need to be needed more than I need the help. God is a God of mutual benefit He’ll bless them and you and expand and bless the kingdom all at the same time.

9. Always are on the lookout for a better way to do things. Be open; be teachable to new ideas and new technologies. Every time I hear about a new devise, program or app I ask how can I use this in my ministry. I like to say it this way I’m not married to anything but Julie, if there’s a better way to do something I want to do it. All of us must keep improving; we must keep learning and not be afraid of technology. God has allowed all of us to live at this time in history for a reason I want to take advantage of everything I have access to further the gospel and the cause of Christ. It is up to each of us to study to show ourselves approved so we can be workmen who are not ashamed!

10. I apply the sabath principle to social media and stuff I elect to do and don't have to do. After each six weeks I schedule one week off. It's been a huge difference maker for me and has helped me use the break to elevaluate my focus. Need some help to break away try the app..."Taking A Break"

I’ve been told the only difference from an adult and a child is the price of their toys. We are the only ones who can keep our tools from becoming toys. Where have you allowed technology to spend your time rather than save you time?

As you walk out these steps I believe you can get a handle on it and bring it under control to accomplish more for God and His purposes.

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