Monday, August 20, 2012

12 things anyone can do set themselves apart and lead others better

     #1-Be someone worth following
     #2- Set the example of what you want others to do
     #3- Take steps to learn how to get more done
            • Buy the right tools
            •Plan events (Appointments)
            •Break it down in to-dos (priorities)
            •Evaluate (Identify time wasters)
            •Delegate (Use the time of others)
    #4- Communicate well
    #5- Show up a minimum of 30 minutes before everyone and always have
           everything done and  set up before the first leader gets there.
           •Being late is not the sign of a leader. (If you can’t be on time be early.)
   #6- Look your best and from this decade
   #7- Start advertising early
   #8- Make an agenda and plan for all meetings
   #9- Watch and listen to yourself preach or do meetings
   #10- Catch people doing things right
   #11- Teach, model, qualify, & duplicate (Exodus 18:20-24
   #12- Don’t do the same action and get the same results
            •Try different things (regularly)
            •Mix it up (different order makes it seem new)
            •New wrapper or twist on an old idea

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