Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I Go to Conferences... Part 5-#CPC12 Orlando continued

The final day of #CPC12 started early again with some of my wonderful infusers helping me get set up for another busy day of teaching and helping others. My first workshop turned into my favorite of all the ones I taught. It was entitled "We're All In This Together- 10 things I do to network, lead, and learn from others." I enjoyed this on I believe I'm going to re-teach it on the my next theClub lesson in February. (Remember you can download theClub monthly audio leadership lessons free if you are under 30.) My next workshop is one of my life messages "How To Be A Problem Solver." This is one of my favorite teachings to teach.  With all my sessions behind me I still was not completely done, another new feature of #CPC12 was the Networking Lunches. I sat with a table full of leaders and let them pick my brain over lunch. My infusers also maned several tables. Isat there until people were all questioned out. I then headed over to the Kidmin Genius Bar. (Which I never made it to yesterday) When the exibit area shut down Julie and I ran to do a little shopping at the outlet mall then we headed back for the last session of helping folks at the Genius Bar. My good friend Jonathan Cliff and INCM board member came over and hung out and helped folks at the Genius Bar. The time flew by and the next thing I knew it was time to pack up and say goodbye to everyone.  I only had a few boxes to ship back to Nashville so the Kidmo Guys let me put them on their truck. Saturday we got up early and flew home. The plane was full of #CPC attendees all of us had one thing in common we were served by the staff of INCM and had a wonderful time and learned a ton. I am looking so forward to #CPC San Diego. You still have time to register.

I'll be speaking at 9 more conferences this year then I'm going to take a break from conferences in 2013 and only do infuse. I hope to see you at one or more of these remaining training events. For a complete list, click on this link.

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