Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I Go to Conferences... Part 3-#CPC12 Orlando

#CPC12 in Orlando was my first conference to be a part of in the New Year. I was so excited to be a part of this year's event. Michael Chandley and the staff of INCM had really worked hard making some changes to the event. When a friend asks for your help this old country boy isn't going to turn them down. I'm not sure how many CPC's I've attended. I've attended more than I've missed since 1980. I've seen a lot of changes over the years! some of the changes I've seen has not thrilled me but the changes I saw in action @ #CPC12 were the best I've ever seen. I love the new look, the new website, the phone app and more but one of my favorite changes were the launching of the 5 Inititiatives of INCM...  The five initiatives are meant to identify bright spots in the church worth replicating. They are a starting point for beginning to set an international standard for Children’s Ministry. Obviously, no one person or group can fix everything that is broken in kidmin, however the INCM is encouraging all of us in children's ministry to work together to focus on key issues that will make a lasting impact. Here they are:

1. Impart God’s truth to this generation

2. Provide a safe and relevant environment
3. Communicate with families
4. Network with a community of leaders
5. Pray for the international children’s ministry community.

My #CPC12 experience started on a high the day before we were to leave for #CPC my favorite team the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE won it's 14th College Football National Championship. After that big game and trying to prepare for my workshops I found myself up all night. I couldn't sleep.  The next morning we loaded the car and headed to the airport. Julie, Whitney, Yancy, Cory & Sparrow were going in a day early so we could play at Disney before we went to work.

Wednesday morning we set up our booth spaces as well as the KIDMIN GENIUS BAR. The Genius Bar was an idea I came up with @ the KIDMIN EXPO that my good friend Roger Fields hosted in Lexington. Chandley saw it and wanted me to do it at #CPC. This was a co-venture of CPC & Jim Wideman Ministries. Several past and present infusers volunteered their time to come down and offer free advice and help to all the attendees.  It was hard to set up for all the people coming by to say hi. One of my favorite things about CPC is it's like a giant KIDMIN family reunion.  As soon as the exhibit area opened the Genius Bar was busy. (Another set of infusers are coming out to #CPC12 San Diego to help me help KIDMIN folks there.)
We talked and prayed with folks until the exhibit area closed. I was ready for bed because I had a big day ahead of me on Thursday. But if I went home right now what I learned from networking, and spending time with old and new #KIDMIN friends would have been worth my trip so far!

more to come...                                                                  

for more about #CPC12 checkout this great recap video

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