Monday, December 03, 2012

Have You Heard About Give God 12?

I've known Gregg Johnson for more than 20 years. He's a true friend and a mover and shaker in the world of preteen minitry. He's also the founder of J12. I just found out about a wonderful event that will begin on December 12th, 2012. (12/12/12) for families, preteen kids, and kidmin leaders. I wanted to find out more and help Gregg spread the word on what He was doing so I caught up with one of his staff Stephen Hibdon who serves as the Creative Director of J12 Here's what Stephen had to say...

If Give God 12 is just now launching December 12th, 2012, why do we seem to hear so much buzz about it already? What is the backstory?
"Give God 12 is a seed that was planted in the heart of Gregg Johnson, J12 founder exactly 12 years ago. Give God 12 is practiced and celebrated effectively in J12 local church ministries all over the world. Through the materials, curriculum, and tools already developed Give God 12 is stoking the fires for thousands of families to have healthy devotional lifestyles. 

This year, “Give God 12”  becomes an official movement launching December 12, 2012. 
As part of the launch plan, 12 years ago, Give God 12, among many other initiatives,  will be intentional in helping families and churches learn and be inspired to spend daily time with Jesus."

Why are you launching Give God 12 at Christmas?
"Christmas is every believer’s favorite holiday. During this season we are celebrating God sending us the greatest gift history will ever know. Jesus.

What a better way to GIVE back to Him than by GIVING Him our time this month.
That is what 12/12/12 is all about. 

Jesus came here to get close to us, and He loves for us to desire to draw near to Him. 
This Christmas season, why not teach our families all over again to spend time with Jesus? And, in the journey, we might find a simpler focus too."

Who is the perfect audience for Give God 12 on 12/12/12?
"Preteens is our passion. So of course, we are reaching out to preteen ministries everywhere and they are joining us this 12/12/12 through the internet, by getting the 12/12/12 Kit, and by holding events where they challenge their preteens and families to #GiveGod12. 

However, the desire to make a renewed effort to spend time with Jesus is universal. Youth ministries, families, parents, leaders, and even whole churches are joining us in this challenge."

Explain the challenge a bit and why thousands are already doing it?
"It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s even easy, really. Give God 12 - twelve minutes a day. 
Through prayer, reading His Word, meditation, journaling, waiting, and listening. 
I guarantee you’ll run out of time if you do all of those. Sometimes it’ll be just one. Sometimes it’ll be lived out in other ways. The point - Give God time."

Is there a particular strategy that is used?
"How does one Give God 12? We’ll have tips, ideas, and tools that might make it more fun for tweens and even for adults. But the truth be told, nobody can lay out the right formula for everyone. The best strategy characteristic is faithfulness. Give God time and watch what He gives you in return." 

Talk about what the actual 12/12/12 event will look like. Is it a physical event or a virtual one?
"On 12/12/12 ministries, families, and individuals are joining together to re-commit to spend time with Jesus. Some through church events, others through a family devotion time or just a personal commitment. 

Then over the next 12 days, the 12 days of Christmas so to speak, they will be challenged to practice the Give God 12 challenge, culminating on Christmas Eve with the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. During those days, Gregg Johnson, will be presenting 12 short videos through many social networks, to encourage and inspire action to Give God 12 even after December 25th!"

How can the average leader or family participate and what is the message you want to leave us with regarding 12/12/12?
"Give God 12 will naturally create stories of how God brings blessing when we spend time with Him. We will encourage leaders and parents to share and post the videos, pictures, and testimonies of their families and churches and what God is doing there. We will also encourage them to share what they are being inspired to do that makes their Give God 12 effective through and connected networks over the 12 days and beyond."

Thanks Stephen! I hope you'll click on the link above and order your kit today and let's give God 12!

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