Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Birthday To theClub!

It's November, and twenty years ago this month I began doing something that changed my minister course. I started teaching leadership to children's ministers. In 1992 most of the emphasis in children's ministry was on what we did to minister to kids only. God started dealing with me that there was one group of kids I had to work with and three groups of adults I had to be effective with to be successful. 
Since that first lesson there has been thousands who have been a part of my monthly club lessons. 

I first called theClub the Children's Ministers Leadership Club. It was first done on cassettes. I remember when I switched to CD's folks told me they would never catch on. 
Now a days the club is hosted on it's own website where members can download audio leadership lessons at anytime. I've also added several other resources to help you be a better leader.

In 2007 I started giving theClub away free to leaders under thirty in a program that I call "Young Guns" I want to help anyone who wants to learn but I feel my marching orders are to help the next generation of Children's Ministry Leaders learn what I've learned over the last thirty years in a fraction of the time.

I had no idea this idea would last twenty years and counting. It's been a tremendous ride. I would like to thank everyone who is presently a member of theClub as well as a thank you to everyone who has been a part at any time.

To celebrate theClub's birthday I'm running a special on my books during the month of November. Order as many as you would like and enter the code: "theclubis20" and get your books for 50% off. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a copy for all your key leaders as well as yourself. 

If you are not currently a member of theClub you should be. Go online here to join.

Thanks so much for coming along side me over the last twenty years.
I'm so excited about the further of theClub
I hope you'll take advantage of theClub's birthday gift to you!

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