Thursday, June 02, 2011

More about my new book...Kidmin Leadership- Part 2

Soon after God led me to teach leadership, in addition to conferences and seminars, I was teaching kidmin leadership on tapes that turned into CDs that have now turned into MP3 downloads. In addition to my leadership club (which, by the way, is still growing strong—check it out here, I even give my teachings away free to kidmin folks thirty years old and under. Once the teachings began, I started writing books, and then I even added this blog. Along the way also came consulting and doing some one-on-one individualized coaching.
In late 2006, God told me another piece of the plan for my life that has been the most fruitful and also the most rewarding to me personally. During the Thanksgiving holidays, as I was taking a little time reflecting over my life and ministry, I heard within my spirit these words: “There are things that you know you have learned from me that you will spend the rest of your life teaching to the next generation of ministry leaders.” These words began to burn within my heart, and they began the largest shift in my ministry to date. This shift eventually led to a change of location and my role in the body of Christ. The more I prayed it out, as wonderful as conferences are, I began to realize they could not bring the life change that walking together with a group of leaders over several months or years would bring.
This quest for how to take the things God has taught me in the past thirty-five years and impart them into those who are willing to learn in much less than thirty-five years, led to creating and now evolving my Infuse Coaching. (It's not too early to apply for infuse in 2012 & get the 2011 price)

to be continued...

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